Tunisia: Training of tourism inspectors (Security)

On Monday, 14.11.2016, the trainings of the tourism inspectors in Tunis began. During of total 18 training days, these inspectors will be trained in the field of security.

Tunisia has about 170 tourism inspectors, which are send out by the Ministry of Tourism and Handicrafts to check tourism facilities according to legal regulations in terms of hygiene and security. „Tunisia: Training of tourism inspectors (Security)“ weiterlesen

traXess – A strong player in the travel security business

https://www.xing.com/img/custom/cp/assets/logo/3/0/8/21256/logo/200x66_highdef20140304-11372-c1ka0n.jpgIn August, I had a very interesting conversation with Mr. Michael Casati (CEO) and Mr. David Hari (Chairman of the Board) of traXess, a Swiss company dealing with the issue in Travel Security Business and offering corresponding products in this area.

Founded in 2001, traXess AG, a technology and consulting company, is well established in the field of Travel Security. Well-known large companies, distributed all over the world, are among the customers of the Swiss company.

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BREACKING NEWS: EXOP’s Round-Table Webinar Q4/2016

Analysts of EXOP continuously monitor political, social and security-relevant events around the world, and assess their relevance and impact with regard to travellers and business activities abroad. Our Round-Table Webinar offers a concise global overview of the most important security-relevant developments for travellers, projects and sites. In addition, our analysts will discuss selected current topics in further detail. „BREACKING NEWS: EXOP’s Round-Table Webinar Q4/2016“ weiterlesen

Security Essen’s framework programme features many new items

When Security Essen opens its doors from 27 to 30 September, a comprehensive framework programme awaits visitors to the international trade fair for civil security, including many new features. Just some of the highlights include a mock-up building showcasing innovations from the smart security sector, the premiere of the “Networked Security” trade conference, the Fire Protection Day, training & development initiatives and the fascinating Action Center, too.

In collaboration with the German Federal Association for Security Technology (BHE – Bundesverband Sicherheitstechnik), Security Essen is bringing the topic of smart security into focus: a specially-built mock-up building in Hall 7 occupying over 200 square metres means that trade visitors can actually experience the innovations being presented. Products and solutions are on show, divided into the areas of office buildings and private living space, to demonstrate how smart houses receive guests and how they react if the property is broken into or if there is a fire. There is a particular emphasis on representing entire scenarios with the associated process chain here: if the house is broken into, a motion sensor is activated, shutters come down, the outside light is illuminated and video recordings are captured which are then transmitted to mobile devices. „Security Essen’s framework programme features many new items“ weiterlesen